Often we think about size as a big variable when it comes to our ability to lift, direct, and move other bodies. It doesn’t have to be! Come explore the foundations of lifting and weight sharing. We will take a look at how to use structure and momentum to lift and move each other with ease regardless of size differences. In order to hone these skills we will work through several different scores both individually and in partners. We will play with timing and how to tune into the necessary body cues to make it work smoothly and with as little effort as possible.

This is an all levels class perfect for an introduction to CI or to refine your skills.The class will be followed by the regular CI Jam. Stay for both, or come for one.

Workshop by Taylor Drouet

Class (starts at 4pm) : suggested donation $10 (none turned away for lack of funds – sign in before dancing)

Jam (starts around 5:30): $5 – sign in before dancing

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