There are a range of events individuals from the Asheville CI community would personally recommend, both near and far; in greater North Carolina, along the East Coast, and in the greater US. Here’s a quick word on some of them.

September 2016

A Jam packed dance event in the Triangle. Awesome, and just a little jog away!
This year with Alicia Grayson coming all the way from Boulder, CO, and much more!
Don’t hesitate to register! (spots are limited!)

An intermediate/advanced contact Improvisation workshop working with the tensegrity and the intelligent design of our bodies, we will investigate the depths and implications of the concepts:
our weight is independent of our form, invisible potent forces help us, and our freedom catalyzes our desire. Through our dancing, we will explore the miracles we want both within ourselves and in our outer cultural lives.
At The Peaceable Barn Studio in Redding, CT, the workshop also includes: Healthy, delicious meals, a gorgeous, buttery dance floor, accommodations for overnight stay (no need for bedding or towels), an outside bonfire, woods for walking, and birds for watching.

October 2016

The East Coast Jam is a multi-day Contact Improvisation gathering at Claymont Court Estates in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains outside of Charles Town, West Virginia. This jam has been happening twice yearly, in the Spring and Fall, since 1987.

March 2017

A Jam packed dance event in the Triangle. Awesome, and just a little jog away!
 For a longer trek up north, drop into Earthdance’s amazing community and wonderful facilities! Wonderful dancers, and a sweet sauana too! 😛

April 2017

A wonderful time to drop in with community and enjoy nature, movement, and an excellent sauna 🙂

May 2017

Well worth the trek, internationally attended – incredible dancing, wonderful nature. Both a workshop weekend and jam weekend, plus campout to follow it all up!

July 2017

Incredible dancers, wonderful community. Everyone should find an opportunity to make it to eathdance – and there are many