This Contact Improvisation series is an introduction and exploration of key concepts and skills of contact improvisation.

Great for movers and dancers who are new to CI, and for regular CI dancers who would like to deepen their range of skill and comfort with contact improvisation.

We will explore and develop our own improvisational movement vocabularies and expression; as well as use improvisational scores to develop, expand and explore common CI vocabularies and core skills including:

  • partial weight sharing,
  • lifts and understanding the center, stacking
  • invitations, pouring and communication in CI
  • the improvisational mind.

Time & Location:
Wednesdays 5pm-7pm in a home studio in West Asheville

Sliding Scale $40-120
Walk in $50-120

Drop-in – by permission only:
Sliding Scale $15-30

Contact me via Facebook Messenger or to inquire about drop ins

About the Teacher:

CJ O’Reilly has been teaching CI since 2013. He was introduced to it as a dance major at CU Boulder. He is a passionate teacher and enjoys the puzzle of connecting concept and experience and the excitement of sharing experiences that are new to others. CJ has a rich movement background founded in Martial Arts (Karate, TaeKwonDo, TaiJiQuan, BaGuaZhang), that expanded into improvisational dance and CI, partner dance (East Coast Swing, Fusion, and other dabblings), Ashtanga Yoga and has recieved much influence from afrocuban dance and Capoeira movements.