August 4th, 2018 CI Jam is moved to EartHaven! Come for just the jam or the whole afternoon! Read below for more details!
To find carpooling rides or riders post on the FB events here and/or here
Directions below: No cell service, get your directions in advance.

Saturday August 4th 2pm-10pm+

An Axis Syllabus inspired dance workshop

Join Natalie Cohen as we investigate the motoric masses of our axial skeleton that aid us in carrying our limbs through space and guide our weight for dynamic contact improvisation. Take your own body for a ride, slide, or glide! 
This class is for All levels, all disciplines, all bodies; The material is inspired by The Axis Syllabus principles for motor skills which is derived from different sciences such as anatomy, physics and bio-mechanics.
Suggested $10 donation
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Contact Jam with live music


from trombonist Russell Ramirez, bringing the New Orleans style
Suggested $5-10+ donation




Bring a dish! Share a meal!


DanceHaven 1st Saturdays Ecstatic Dance Party


music provided by DJ InPsyght (Michael Hurd)
8pm on!
Suggested $10 donation
None turned away for lack of funds!
Suggested donation for all events: $30+

About Natalie Cohen

After earning a degree in dance and choreography from CalArts , Natalie went to Brazil to participate in The Nomadic College with The Axis Syllabus Research Network. Seven years later , after profound studying , she is now an Axis Syllabus Candidate Teacher and teaches regularly in her residing city of New Orleans. Alongside movement research , she has also facilitated and led workshops in contact improvisation where she finds a lot of joy and wisdom.

About the musician:

Russell Ramirez began playing the trombone at the ripe age of thirteen, but considers moving to New Orleans in early 2012 as the beginning of his career as a musician. Russell’s introduction to CI and movement in general came through meeting Natalie. He really enjoys the improvisational and give-and-take elements of playing during a CI jam, and he is slowly becoming a mover himself.



How to Get to the Earthaven Council Hall:

Write down the directions and/or pre-download (the correct) map! No cell service!
From Interstate 40 (east or west): Take exit 73 at Old Fort, heading south on Bat Cave Road for 8.5 miles, and take a left on Camp Elliott Road.
Alternate route from the west: take Hwy. 9 south from Black Mountain for 9.5 miles then left onto Old Fort Road; you will cross a steel bridge. [To find the turn, follow signs for Gateway Mountain, because the Old Fort Road sign is down.] After turning go 3 to 4 miles, and turn right on Camp Elliott Road.
After turning onto Camp Elliott Road: Go about a mile down Camp Elliott Road, past Stone Mountain School. After the school, please reduce your speed to 15 mph. You will come to the end of the pavement, where the road forks, with Full Circle Trail on the right, and Another Way straight ahead through an open metal gate. Proceed through this gate, and you are at Earthaven. The Earthaven speed limit is 10 mph. Cross one bridge and turn right following signs to the camp ground. Stay to the left to arrive at the parking lot. Park and walk down past the parking lot to find the Council Hall building where the dance will be held.
GPS Coordinates to council hall (should pre-download Map, and write down directions):
GPS Coordinates to first Parking area:
If you have any questions contact
Julia at: 828 669 9696 or Travis at: 828 669 2623