Special treat because we’ve got a 5th Saturday this month!

Come enjoy moving together with the vibrations of Elon

He’ll play a few choice instruments including a Heron (sitar-esque instrument), Violon and Spanish Guitar. Listen to some of his music on Soundcloud ForestofSongs

$5, sign in before dancing

At the Regular time and location: 4-6pm, French Broad Food Coop’s Movement and Learning Center

Parking for vehicles of M&L Center instructors and class participants is limited to the FBFC gravel lot, the 76 Biltmore lot and the Hilliard lot. Neither you, nor your participants, may park in the FBFC paved lot adjacent to the store entrance. Parking in the upper lot is prohibited. Instructors will be charged $5 per car for each attendee parked in the upper lot.