In this five week series we’ll explore fundamental concepts, elements and skills of the Contact Improvisation (CI) form with the goal of creating familiarity and confidence in the form so dancers are empowered, aware of their choices relating to safety and comfort, and understand expressions of consent in the context of CI. 

For all levels:

  • Highly accessible to those completely new to CI.
  • A rich exploration of material for the long time dancer.

General skills we will develop include:

  • Moving from, tracking and awareness of a body’s center/core
  • Our Relationship Gravity and the Floor
  • Exploring Points of Contact between bodies
  • Invitations and Taking Invitations to Lifts and Weight Share
  • the Improvisational Mind

The series will stack, develop, and review skills throughout.

Sliding scale $75-200

New Drop-in Attendance is not longer available. Please contact CJ OReilly if you have questions.

If you need miss a class, please get in touch, depending on the material and your experience, it may be suitable. Make up sessions cannot be arranged.

Wednesdays 7:30pm-9:30pm

Oct. 17th – Nov. 14th


The Grand Hall @

19 Zillicoa St., Asheville, NC

Registration Closed – Class Full