This month Earthaven is hosting an ALL-DAY LAMMAS CELEBRATION!!!

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Come join us on SATURDAY, AUGUST 5th with:

-An EDIBLE PLANT WALK with Dimitri Magiasis from 10am-12noon
(suggested donation of cash, LEAPs or hugs, no one turned away)

-A LAMMAS STORY for children of all ages, and
BREAD-MAKING RITUAL starting at 2pm

-HARVEST GAMES, including watermelon races, water-balloon games, cooperative and competitive games for both adults and children, and YES!- MUD WRESTLING!!!. We will have a snack of watermelon and the ritual bread mid-way through games. 
Games starting around 3pm or so-til dinner.

-POTLUCK dinner 6:30-7:30pm

-DANCE PARTY!!! 7:30-9:30 or 10pm
With DJ SeigeA (CJ O’Reilly) playing an extended dance wave
(Donations are appreciated)

Dance Party will be held in the Earthaven Council Hall. For all other events we will congregate on the Village Green just outside the Council Hall.

If you have any questions contact Julia at: 828 669 9696. 

Directions To Earth Haven – Write them down! No cell service!

From Interstate 40 (east or west): Take exit 73 at Old Fort, heading south on Bat Cave Road for 8.5 miles, and take a left on Camp Elliott Road.

Alternate route from the west: take Hwy. 9 south from Black Mountain for 9.5 miles then left onto Old Fort Road; you will cross a steel bridge. [To find the turn, follow signs for Gateway Mountain, because the Old Fort Road sign is down.] After turning go 3 to 4 miles, and turn right on Camp Elliott Road.


After turning onto Camp Elliott Road: Go about a mile down Camp Elliott Road, past Stone Mountain School. After the school, please reduce your speed to 15 mph. You will come to the end of the pavement, where the road forks, with Full Circle Trail on the right, and Another Way straight ahead through an open metal gate. Proceed through this gate, and you are at Earthaven. The Earthaven speed limit is 10 mph. Cross one bridge and look for parking on the left before you reach the next stream.