Solo Dance in the CI Duet

A workshop with ALICIA GRAYSON and EE BALCOS in Asheville, NC – Sunday September 13th 10:30-5:30

UNCC DanceFaculty Concert Series Spring 2015

UNCC DanceFaculty Concert Series Spring 2015

This workshop will explore ways to cultivate our solo while dancing in contact so that our dances are creative and deeply satisfying. The more we stay connected and engaged in our own solo the more choices we offer our partners and vis versa. This solo cultivation is done while simultaneously and deeply listening to ourselves and partner(s). 


To strengthen our ability to stay true to our own solo while connecting/collaborating and contrasting with others we will explore:
* attending to imagery, sensation, emotion and musicality
* moving in and out of physical contact
* playing with aspects of authentic movement and active witnessing
* investigating the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems



Attendance limited to 35 due to space considerations. It is highly recommended you reserve your spot/

Pre-registration here (on right).

Registration at the door only if workshop has not filled.

For continuity of the group and the material, Alicia and the organizers are asking folks to commit to both sessions. Please plan on attending both sessions.


FEE: Suggested Sliding Scale: $40-80.
Please pay what you feel is appropriate for a tremendous day of inspiration and instruction from a seasoned teacher/dancer/performer of Contact Improvisation.
No one turned away for lack of funds. Some work study help may be needed/appreciated.


10:30-1:30 AM session
Approx 1:30-2:30 lunch break (bring a lunch)
2:30-5:30 PM session
There won’t be time to drive out for lunch so please bring your own lunch. Fruit and light snacks will be provided.
Please plan on attending both sessions. We are limiting the workshop at 35 participants for space considerations and asking folks to commit to both sessions.


NYS3 (Studio A)
2002 Riverside Drive, Loft Building I, New Studio A   —   Asheville, NC 28804

PARKING:  in front of Loft I entrance; across the street; lots of extra parking behind the building – drive to the end of the building complex and turn and follow the road (tracks) to park across from the park/picnic table area – enter back door and follow upstairs and around the hall to the NYS3 studio.